10 Amazing English Homework Ideas For Students

English is one of the most important subjects that a student will ever have to learn. While many of the topics in Math or Science have no practical application in everyday life the same cannot be said about Grammar. Proper grammar is the key to understanding questions and responding appropriately in any subject area. In order to develop and maintain an interest in this subject teachers need to think outside of the box when coming up with English homework ideas for students. The following are ten amazing ideas for home assignments.

  1. Create word find puzzles with the various parts of speech. While many students learn to master usage some remain unfamiliar with names for the various parts of speech.

  2. Crossword puzzles with famous authors. Over the course of their school career students will be introduced to many classical authors and their works. Using the themes, character descriptions and other details as clues formulate crossword puzzles to help them remember the stories they have read.

  3. Help students to learn about tense by creating a simple time machine with the various tenses using a paper plate and then a quick spin will determine what tense they will write their homework assignment in.

  4. Allow them to choose the subject of their book reports. Students become bored easily by allowing them to choose which books they want to write about they will have greater creative control and be more enthusiastic about assignments

  5. Instead of book reports allow them to write movie reports about what ever movie they watched that weekend. Some students dislike reading and writing about a movie as opposed to a book is a good alternative for those students

  6. A class newspaper made up of the highlights of the previous day and accomplishments.

  7. Encourage students to work in groups to create a comic book. The idea of a comic instead of an essay or story may appeal to students who are creative in more than one way and are bored by traditional homework assignments.

  8. Write a screenplay. This is another alternative to essays and may appeal to students with an interest in theater and film
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  10. Go on trips. Any subject comes alive when it is studied far away from a boring school environment. This can be especially useful if the class can visit the plae where one of the books they have read was set.

  11. Learn another language. It puts the whole thing into perspective.