Practical Advice On When To Do Homework: Night Vs. Morning

Nobody likes to do homework. Kids find it hard to make themselves do something after a long day, so do the parents. Unfortunately, it’s an unavoidable chore that everyone has to go through. Homework tends to take up most of our spare time, therefore it is essential to be able to fit our schedule around it. Many children have many other activities in their lives, such as dance classes, music lessons and other extra curriculums, that is why some prefer to do their prep in the morning. However, is that really the best option? This article will give you a couple of points in favor of both arguments, so you can decide what suits you (or your child) best.

Why Would You Do Your Homework in the Morning?

  • Some people may find that they need to relax in the evening, rather than having to concentrate on something else they don’t really want to do. However, make sure you don’t feel the same way the following morning, when you have to finish it all.

  • If you do your work first thing in the morning, it warms your brain up for a full day of lessons which will mean that you are likely to concentrate more and, therefore, learn better.

  • If you family is really busy and the evening is the only time you can spend together, it would make sense for you to put off your work and spend your time with your loved ones.

Why Would You Choose to Do Your Homework Pretty Much Straight After School?

  • If you choose to do your work right after school (or in the next couple of hours), you will be more likely to remember your teacher’s advice and may find it easier to do the prep, because you have probably done something similar a couple of hours ago.

  • If you feel like you need help from your relatives, it may be better to do your homework in the evening, as not very many people will probably agree to wake up extra-early to help you.

  • If you tend to struggle with a particular subject, maybe it is not the best idea to leave it all until the morning – you don’t want to be late, because you took too long figuring out how to answer a question. Similarly, if you tend to oversleep, it is probably for the best if you do everything the night before - you don’t want to try and juggle five different things in the morning because you are already late.