Why Homework Gives You Stress And How To Tackle The Problem With Ease

If you are feeling anxiety over homework, welcome to the club! Practically every student, no matter what grade he or she happens to be in, is going to feel stress about after class assignments at one point or another. Some of this is the result of overscheduling: you are taking too many courses in one given semester. You also may be overwhelmed by the number of projects you have to complete. Relax. You can handle the load here are a few ways you can easily do it.

  • Be a Time Manager. You have to set aside time to do the afterschool work, and it should be when you are most productive. This can be right after the last class, or perhaps after dinner. There are some assignments you can do between classes or in a study hall. Resist the temptation socialize and get down to work.
  • Never Wait until the Last Minute. This idea of being able to work well under pressure is a fantasy. You are likely to make a number of mistakes as you race to meet a deadline.
  • Try the “Swiss Cheese” Approach. If you have the assignment that is due in a few days, try working a little on it every day. This punches holes in the project until there is nothing left. It helps spread the load a bit for you.
  • Take Scheduled Breaks. You can get very tired after two or more hours of concentration. Try taking 10 or 15 minute breaks at scheduled times. It will allow you to refresh yourself.
  • A Snack Helps. Try eating a piece of fruit. It gives you the kind of energy you will need for a long night.
  • Set Priorities. The homework that is due first thing the next morning should be the initial task. Once that is out of the way you can look at assignments due later.

Homework is just part of the life of any student. It doesn’t have to be a cross to bear at all. You do have to be aware of time as you do this. A final thought is to set aside a quiet space for those after class projects. Once you have established a homework routine it gets easier to do. Keep in mind that this is also a learning process. Those after class projects permits you to investigate further the subject you are studying. It often happens you learn more after class than during it.