How To Find Good Year 6 Literacy Homework Ideas

Literacy homework is all about strengthening the core of ignorant students so that they gradually gather the nuances and learn the ropes. The setting standards change according to the grades; the Year 3 literacy homework would be much easier than Year 6 literacy homework.

A simple beginning

Now, since you are teaching something novel to the year 6 student; taking him to a platform hitherto unknown to him; the start has to be simple and direct. You need to think of assignments which gradually energize the kids towards the pattern and thereby his interest goes on an up.

You can pick the ideas for the literacy homework from varied avenues. Here are a few of them –

  • The child stories – They are so illuminative and full of action impulses that you can only derive positives from there. You can ask kids to define a story through pictures or create their own short story. Let them begin with single-dimensional stories and then exhort then to create stories with inner meanings.

  • Motor and cognitive skills – The building blocks, the patterns of certain games like see-saws, slides and swings; all hold enormous potential to involve in the literacy homework. You may ask them how they ply their cycles; and the features that make the cycles pliable.

  • Streaks of innovation – You can ask year 6 to describe typical places or stuff (aquarium), houses or faces. Request them to differentiate each of their definitions. This will introduce the kids to the firmer territory of the language.

  • Grammatical intonation – You may ask them to find grammatical mistakes in a page; or to explain why prepositions or connectives are placed in particular positions and how they cannot be shifted somewhere else. You can grant them, say 20 collections long with relevant words to choose from (A pride of lions; a bunch of fishes).

  • Consulting with students – You may also discuss the style of Literacy homework with the kids themselves. Ask them to write poems on a typical topic or to create their superheroes and define their characters in the language.

Let kids grow

You should keep in mind that the ultimate aim is to make the kids progress in their literacy pursuits and gain enough grain about the language as is expected from a native year 6 student. While this is not easy to attain; perfect planning and then implementation takes you all the more closer to success.