Homework Creates Problems And Other Myths: An Expert View

The question of homework’s necessity can turn out to be rather controversial. Kids of the XXI century differ greatly from the kids of the XX century. The environment that surrounds modern children is also very different. There is a great variety of studies on the homework effect and every year researchers find new information on the problems that are connected with home assignments.

Here you will read about popular myths that are connected with homework problems and studying at school.

  • Students get a lot of home assignments.
  • Children often say that they have a lot of homework, especially high schoolers. The studies have shown that all state educational programs usually have an adequate amount of tasks that are required for the best understanding and practicing of the material. The greatest problem lies in the disorganization of the students and their poor planning skills. They should be able to plan the time and then the volume of the home assignment won’t matter anymore.

  • The assignment is too difficult for kids.
  • Some kids state that their tasks are too difficult to complete. In fact, the task corresponds to the material that has been studied at school. However, some tasks are difficult indeed as they are given to develop the desire of self-studying. Standard home assignments can be done rather quickly without facing any difficulties.

  • The tasks are unnecessary for pupils.
  • The practice at schools isn’t enough to develop proper skills and homework should harness them. If children don’t receive assignments they won’t be able to entirely apprehend the given information and maintain a proper education level.

  • Homework fails make children fill stupid.
  • If a student fails to complete their home project, it can develop the fear of home assignments. The situation can become worse if the kid continues receiving bad marks. The kid’s self-esteem can be undermined, so it is always important to support the child no matter what to avoid causing fear and antipathy towards home tasks.  

  • Children have problems with concentration during work.
  • It can be true because of various factors. Hyperactivity and various gadgets have a negative influence on the productivity of children. Computers, cellphones, social networks, video games and other things steal kids’ attention. They should be avoided during doing home projects so that the kid would be able to concentrate on their tasks.

  • Teachers should ask children what homework they would like to do.
  • Children would try to avoid doing their work if they had a possibility. Teachers know the information about the students and they can effectively select the assignment for them.