Where To Find College-Level Homework Help: 5 Useful Suggestions

  1. Ask your tutor/professor. Talk to your tutor /professor. Let them know that difficulties that you are experiencing, and ask them if they have any suggestions.

    • They may suggest some additional work to help you understand the underlying concepts you need to complete your homework.

    • Your tutor/professor may offer you some hints and tips for completing your homework.

    • Another suggestion they may have is for you to look at examples of work that have been produced by past students.

  2. Additional Learning Support. Most colleges have an additional Learning Support Department that can offer help and support for homework and coursework.

    • These departments are usually very busy. You need to talk to staff as soon as you realise that you are running into difficulty.

    • A Learning Support Tutor can help you organise your work. They won’t do your work for you but they will help you plan and oversee your work in stages.

    • They will also help you learn and skills that you need in order to complete your work successfully and help negotiate late submissions with your tutor.

  3. Peer tutoring. Sometimes the best support can came from peers that are studying the same course as you and may be experiencing the same difficulties.

    • Your tutor may be part of setting up peer group support. This may happen as part of a task or coursework.

    • The downside of this is that you need to be very focussed and motivated to work when you meet as a group.

    • There may be a feeling that some people are putting more into the group than others who are just copying work from others without any understanding.

  4. Private Tutor. Sometimes some professional help may be the answer particularly if some of the underlying skills and concepts are missing or misunderstood.

    • Find a tutor who has the underlying knowledge, skills and experience of the curriculum and level of teaching. Preferably a retired tutor/professor.

    • Ask among your peers, to see if others have had experience of getting the support of a private tutor. Personal recommendation is the best way forward.

    • Be aware of the cost, you will have to budget accordingly. You will also need to have an agreement from the start as to the number of sessions and amount of support.

  5. Online. There are several really good academic support sites online. Finding a tutor that meets your needs may take a bit of time but it is well worth the effort.

    • Make sure that you find homework help that in in your field of study, preferably by a tutor with expertise in that area and is familiar with the curriculum.

    • There are several website that will offer some free support, mini-courses or video presentations. Check that they are free and readily available.

    • There are other websites that offer academic writing services. The work is not free, and the sooner you need the work the more costly it becomes.