What To Do If Homework Gives Me Anxiety: The Best Way Out

Anytime you think of homework, your stomach goes up and down and your negative feelings awake. You are not the only one. The reason of anxiety when you think of home assignments is inside you. Here are several reasons why you feel like that:

  • setting unrealistic expectations
  • strive to have perfect homework
  • afraid of making mistakes
Well, the truth is that this should be changed into:
  • setting realistic goals
  • effort is more important than results
  • make mistakes in order to learn

You have to understand that making the effort to do home assignments is more important than the result. It is not important if you have the right result. It is only a home assignment, so if you make a mistake on your own, you will definitely not make it the next time. You have to work out and got over that uncomfortable feeling. Here are several tips how to overcome stress and anxiety over home assignments.

  • Make sure that the negative feeling lay inside you. – If there are any school issues, such as bullying, than sure you have to tell someone and prevent these issues to happen again and affect your life.
  • Create specific space and set time for doing home assignments. – Find a specific place where you can study and do home assignments. Also, set a specific part of the day you are doing your assignments to prepare and minimize all distractions during that time.
  • Divide the assignments in smaller parts. – Set a particular time for finishing every part of it. Take a reward after each completion.
  • Review assignments every night. – Before going to bed, be sure to check everything for school for the following day. This way you will avoid getting overloading with assignments.
  • Develop relaxation technique and take breaks. – You shouldn’t do your homework in one breath. If one part of your home assignment takes you too much time, take breaks and relax. Take deep breath and release all the frustration.
  • Eat healthy. – In order to perform better, you have to eat healthy snacks to avoid getting really hungry.
  • Stay positive. – Try to have positive attitude when you start doing any assignment. Say aloud: “I can do it!”. No matter how funny t looks, say it aloud.
  • Always have a plan. – Before doing anything have a plan, and more important, stick to that plan. If these steps can’t help you reduce anxiety, then probably assignments are too difficult or you have several projects to complete during the same period.