10 Good Reasons Why Homework Is Bad For Students

We have all been so engrossed in school homework during our cadmic pursuits that we can scarcely imagine life without it. However, there is constant debate going on for its complete removal from student’s life. Here is placing ten reasons how assignments can negatively affect kids –

  1. Rancor element – Continuous pressure of assignment engenders rancor in kids regarding school studies. This obviously affects reluctant students more. This is an extremely sensitive issue.
  2. Unnecessary competition – Assignments kill the feeling of bonhomie among school kids; as they try all the tactics to submit better work to teachers.
  3. Kills off study time – Assignments take up too much time and thus cut up on the time that kids should devote to improvement in different subjects. After all, there is only so much time in a day.
  4. Negligible family time – You don’t get enough time to enjoy and cherish with parents, brothers and sisters. You often have to bypass family treats or outings owing to the compulsion of assignments.
  5. Wrong notion – Most students feel that since they have one their assignments, they have done their studies. This is when actually they have learnt precious little during the day.
  6. Dichotomy among teachers – Some teachers are lenient regarding assignments while some are tough. The lenient teachers suffer because kids get the reason to ignore their subjects.
  7. Copying habit – Those students who feel they cannot do their assignments ask for help and take off from others’ copy. This gradually develops into a habit.
  8. Unfair covering – It is a fact that school assignments don’t spatially cover subjects. They tend to touch on certain segments while completely ignoring the others. This affects your development in the main.
  9. Statistical ground – It has actually been proven that assignments don’t contribute significantly to the kids’ development. You hardly learn anything through the practice.
  10. Examination dilemma – Kids get into the habit of referring more to the assignment copies than course books while preparing for their examination. This is another bone of contention.

The support theory

Of course, the supporters of homework can always come up with certain beneficial factors; such as the instilling of discipline and giving kids a direction in studies. It however seems clear that assignments have more disadvantages than advantages. It has more lows than highs.

There has to be a firm step taken regarding its fate. It may be severely truncated or regulated, if not altogether eradicated from the scene. We await the verdict.